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Work from an iPad or an iPhone (Kompanion)

We have created a new tool for you that will make your life in the field a lot easier. Maintenance made easy..!

Interal 2015 has been launched

The latest release 2015 for the PC also offers new functions of planning and even more tools to help manage maintenance make easier...

Hammond Power Solutions

The Hammond Power Solutions company is now fully using our software solutions for their maintenance processes...

Anishnabe du Lac Simon

The aboriginal community of Anishanabe du Lac Simon has been added to the list of communities that uses our software...

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Our production management module meets manufacturer's needs in terms of production management. It was developed to manage manufacturing production information simply and visually, and most importantly, in real time. Get quick access to information using multiple selection criteria when opening management boards, data modification tracking by user, and useful notepads in each and every data file. Increase your productivity and reduce production costs throughout the production process and allow managers to calculate precise production costs. Inventory rationalization, efficient warehousing, shipping and reception management, data collection—for quality control and work progress—are elements that result in a quick return on investment.



Interal Maintenance Management offers all the necessary features you need to simplify maintenance planning for both short- and long-term. Preventive, corrective maintenance and service calls are easily managed with the Maintenance Board. You can also plan your resources with the Maintenance Board. React and adapt quickly to emergencies with our service call module, Provide reliable numbers and statistics related to your maintenance operations and your equipment. The Interal maintenance software (GMAO / CMMS) has been a benchmark for many years in different areas of work. Used together with the production module, inventory and time clock, it’s the ideal tool for good governance of operations.



Our user-friendly and yet powerful management tool to manage your inventory and streamline your purchases. By using our custom made integration solutions it will be compatible with most important accounting systems such as: Acomba, Accpac, Syteline, Oracle, Globetek, Great Plains and many more... It is multi-store, multi-server (LAN, WAN) and allows you to manage requisitions, purchase orders, approval structures, minimum and maximum stocking and restocking quantities, suppliers and manufacturers as well as expense accounts by item purchased.

Time and Attendance


Time and Attendance offers great flexibility for real-time data collection. Data input can take place using a computer, data collection stations (bar code and touch-pad/card scanners) or using mobile devices (iPad and iPhone). Manage your employees quick and efficiently with a better control of time and attendance and at the same time reducing the costs related to absenteeism. Managing your payroll using our quick, easy and flexible user interface has never been easier. We also offer the possibility to integrate our time and attendance module with your payroll system.






Collect all your relevant date through; collection stations, a customized interface, a computer or by using your mobile device. We can even create a customized intervention plan with you to optimize your data collection functions based on the origin of the data and the responsibilities of the employees. Once the data has been collected you can export the date direct from the database or export the data, in various formats, from the InteralClient (desktop) application.


Use one of the available reports or write an infinite number of custom reports on your collected data. Extract data from any of the application's fields and create professional dynamic reports. Report Writer is user-friendly, efficient, versatile and can handle multiple languages. Of course Report Writer can connect to other software because it supports other databases with an ODBC link.






We offer training plans adapted to your needs and is always based on your employees' function and responsibilities. Special executive training plans are also available. Whether the training is given by our in-house trainers of by one of our partners we will give you a structured, functional and personalized training adapted to your needs. We also provide coaching and implementation services to help you get started quickly and help you get a quick return on your investment whether you are in the health and social services, education, government, manufacturing or food processing industry we will create a training based on your daily needs.


Besides creating a comprehensive training plan, we also provide professional implementation services so you can take fully advantage of your investment. Our 25 years of experience in the various industry sectors allows us to suggest a solid implementation plan adapted to your needs. Once the software installation and implementation has been done we will follow up and give recommendation if required. Our implementation team works closely with your companies' designated people to establish needs and priorities. Regular meetings ensure that the correct decisions are being made.






An audit before implementation can allow you to prepare the intervention plan well. We can identify the personnel's functional and training needs as well as the best implementation sequence to maximize the return on your investment. An audit after implementation can help you identify intervention points that did not follow your plan and will enable you to correct the situation. Or, it can simply allow you to improve your use of the tools installed in order to get the most out of them.




All our products are now also available on a hosting basis. This means we will install and maintain the software and database on our own servers. You will receive all the benefits without the investment in server hardware or maintenance involved with running a server. Easy access with your Internet browser. No hassle!
We are a developer of maintenance, inventory and production software (CMMS, GPAO, GMAO). Our main mission is to develop and implement software solutions adapted to all your corrective and preventive maintenance, purchasing, production and resource planning needs.







No matter which industry you are in, whether it be in manufacturing, food processing, aerospace or the services industry we can adapt our software or develop solutions to make sure you can take fully advantage of our products. Our team of engineers, technicians and programmers is always ready to create the most perfect solution for your environment. Our staff is specialized in the following fields:


  • Database architecture
  • Database optimization
  • Microsoft .NET achitecture
  • Interfacing with all kinds of systems and software


  • Industrial networks
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Barcode systems etc...



'What is a CMMS?'


'We have taken advantage of your ability to understand our needs and find efficient solutions for every problem you have demonstrated your great knowledge of software, both from a user and developer perspective'.

- France Cormier, real-estate system analyst for Industrielle Alliance